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Career Assessment & Counseling

We spend a large portion of our lives at work. As a result, a sense of satisfaction, meaning, and purpose about our professional lives is a key component to wellbeing.

Grounded in psychological and career development theory, career assessment and counseling is a structured, time-limited service. As a clinical psychologist, I utilize a holistic approach, helping you to examine the multiple variables that contribute to career choice including your personality style, interests, values, needs, and strengths. Evidence-based assessments, interview, and collaborative exploration are used to help you identify an engaging and satisfying career path.


Additional topics of focus may include resume review/preparation, social media management for career, and/or interview coaching.

Career Assessment & Counseling is helpful for:

  • College students having difficulty selecting a major

  • Soon-to-be or recent college graduates who are searching for their ideal career path

  • Mid-career professionals who are looking to make a career change

  • Those who are unhappy or struggling in their current jobs but are unsure why

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