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Getting Started

If you are interested in therapy, or would like more information about my practice, please fill out the online form here. Once I have your information, we will set up a brief, 15-minute phone consultation to assess what you are looking for and if I am the right fit for you. If it seems like a good therapeutic fit, we will schedule an initial meeting.

Initial Sessions

The initial two sessions are approximately 60 minutes in length. These are consultation sessions during which I learn more about what is bringing you to therapy and gather relevant background information. There will also be time for you to ask me questions regarding the therapy process. During these initial sessions we will collaboratively identify treatment goals and develop a treatment plan.

Ongoing Sessions

Ongoing sessions are 45 minutes in length. Regular, weekly meetings are most effective in fostering a strong therapeutic relationship and accomplishing your goals. As treatment progresses, we may decide to decrease the frequency of our meetings depending on progress and other circumstances.

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